Season Change = Skin Change


Trust me when I say I will be the first person to complain about the season change.  Sure the leaves are pretty, the air is crisp and everything smells of pumpkin spice, but we have all been in the midwest long enough to realize what comes next. You guessed it, WINTER.  Not just any winter, but a Wisconsin winter.  The days are short, the air is bitter and we are forever chilled to the bone.  In the midst of the layers upon layers of clothing, we sometimes forget about the very most important layer of our body, our skin. Wisconsin has a way of changing seasons overnight and we no longer have the sticky summer air to moisturize us.  The humidity is long gone and we are stuck in the season of "dry" for the next six months. Here are some things to keep in mind!


Cooler Weather = Less Humidity.

There is less moisture in the air, therefore water evaporates from our skin.  The dry air can cause cracking, flakes and the skin will appear dull.  Consider getting a humidifier.  This will eliminate that problem in your home! It will also take away that pesky static that you most likely fight in your hair as well.  Just as you change your wardrobe from "summer clothes" to "winter clothes", you should also tweak your skincare regimen.  Switching from a lightweight daily moisturizer to a heavier rich cream moisturizer could be beneficial.  Dry skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles and we don't need those just yet!


Comfort Food

Our diet plays a huge role in our skin.  With cold weather approaching the odds of staying inside cuddled up with a warm bowl of pasta, side of breadsticks and an extra glass of wine are a lot higher than on a hot summer night. Those foods higher in sugar can cause break outs and blemishes.  Stick to slower digesting carbs such as oats or sweet potatoes, and skip the extra cocktail.  This will keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Sudden Temperature Change

There are bound to be days this winter when the temperature reaches below zero. On those days make sure to bundle and cover as much skin as possible.  Sudden temperature changes can cause the capillaries in your face to expand, and then contract rapidly.  The redness that appears is a result of that.  Avoid going from extreme cold to extreme hot.  Even though a nice long steamy shower may sound good after you have been stuck outside, keep it warm instead of piping hot.


Those are just a few things to keep in mind during the season change. There are many more factors that go into changing your skin care routine and our technicians will have all the answers for you! Feel free to call any one of our estheticians if you have any questions regarding skin care and how to transition into the winter months.  They would be more than happy to talk to you!


Enjoy these last few autumn days folks, winter is near!




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