Sun Protection

Tis' the season for outdoor recreational activities.  Times have changed and you rarely see anybody outside basking in the sun rays covered in baby oil, risking the health of their skin for that perfect "summer glow." The average person doesn't leave the house in the summer without their sunscreen.  The question remains, is your sunscreen actually providing the best protection for your skin?

We all are aware that antioxidants are great for our health.  They have benefits such as increased energy, better immune help and improved sleep! They also help provide protection against sun damage to your complexion.  Now don't go shoving another handful of berries in  your mouth, and put down that piece of dark chocolate, sometimes consuming antioxidants just won't cut it.  If you want the extra natural protection, you need to use a sun care product with an antioxidant barrier.  This will protect your skin from the free radicals that can do the most damage.

Skeptical of natural based sun protection? Trust us when we say, if you can't pronounce the chemicals in the lotion you have in your bag now, you shouldn't be applying it to your skin. Aveda has launched Daily Light Guard, a lightweight all natural formula with SPF 30.  It uses a unique antioxidant blend of kukui seed oil and ginger extract to strengthen the skins natural barrier against the sun.

Don't let the fear of wrinkles and sun spots keep you from enjoying these beautiful summer days! If you have any further questions regarding skin care always feel free to contact one of our estheticians, they would be more than happy to help! 


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